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IceniCAM visits Indonesia

March 2011

Photos by Ben Teuben


Your roaming reporter visits Yogyakarta and finds, in the Jalan Malioboro ("Marlborough Street" in Indonesian spelling), the vast number of bikes that all Asian visitors are familiar with...

Masses of bikes in Yogyakarta's Jalan Malioboro

...but to his surprise, in a side street, there's a collector's shop - Marcopolo Antique...

The Marcopolo Antique shop The Marcopolo Antique shop sign

...with some very familiar makes listed, including: Batavus, Humber, Reliegh (= Raleigh), Stokvis, Sunbeam, Pon, Hercules, BSA, Atlas, Vasting (= Vesting), Griffon, Rudge.  Also note the Cyclemaster on the sign.

Inside Marcopolo Antique (who even has a website ), we find a Berini M13 ("egg"), two 1950s' Mobylettes, etc, and some old parts (who needs a Vertex piston for a Berini? - "not for sale").

Inside Marcopolo Antique

Cheap fuel prices and new bikes on the move (don't bother to crate them for transit) are noted - to create transport for millions ... thanks to the weather!

New bikes - pile 'em high

Published March 2011

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