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Roadworthiness testing

November 2014

The EU Directive on roadworthiness testing has been adopted and is binding on all EU Member States, including the UK.  Nothing changes yet, the Government is working on how the Directive will applied.  That will involve two separate exercises, one in Great Britain and one in Northern Ireland, because NI has its own, devolved, testing scheme.

While the directive allows for exemptions for historic vehicles, the definition of ‘historic’ in the directive prohibits ‘substantial modification’ and it’s uncertain quite what counts as a modification when a vehicle is restored.  The DfT shold be starting a formal consultation next year, and the Directive has to be implementated by 2018.

Most of this has been extensively reported over the past months ... but what is seldom mentioned is that it does not apply to motor cycles.  Motor cycle testing does not have to comply until 2021 and, even then, Member States will have much more national discretion over their testing regime ... currently, motor cycles are not tested at all in some EU countries.

VED refunds

November 2014

DVLA no longer accepts V14 forms applying for a vehicle tax refund.  They will be rejected and returned.

Since 1 October 2014, you no longer need to make a separate application on a V14 for a refund of vehicle tax.  DVLA automatically issues a vehicle tax refund when a notification is received from the registered keeper that the:

vehicle has been sold or transferred

vehicle has been scrapped at an authorised treatment facility

vehicle has been exported

vehicle has been removed from the road and the person on the vehicle register has made a SORN

registered keeper has changed the tax class on the vehicle to an exempt duty tax class

Customers should make sure that the dates of acquisition and disposal provided on the notification, using the vehicle registration certificate (V5C or logbook), V5C/2 and V5C/3, are accurate.  Incorrect information will affect the amount of refund calculated.

Model Engineer cover

Myford cyclemotor

September 2014

Hi folk,
The next issue of Model Engineer magazine (issue 4490 which is due in shops next week) contains a piece by John Stevenson about the work of the Jones brothers and the Myford Cyclemotor.  This info is also noted on the magazine’s cover to make life easier for old folk as myself!
Jim Switzer


July 2014

tax disc abolition banner

The law is changing to get rid of the need to display a paper tax disc; the DVLA and police now rely on DVLA’s electronic vehicle register to check if a vehicle is taxed.  The change will be introduced on 1st October 2014 and applies to everyone who needs to tax their vehicle.  Motorists will still need to pay for their vehicle tax, but they will no longer get a paper tax disc for display on vehicles.  The requirement to apply for vehicle tax will not change for vehicles that are exempt from payment of vehicle tax (eg: Hstoric Vehicles).  The only change will be that the paper tax disc will no longer be issued and required to be displayed on a vehicle windscreen.  Motorists still get a reminder when the vehicle tax runs out; there will be no change to the issue of the Renewal Reminder (V11s and V85/1s).  Any person may check the tax status of any vehicle by using DVLA’s Vehicle Enquiry System.  The vehicle enquiry system can be accessed by visiting Anyone who notifies DVLA that they no longer need to tax the vehicle any longer such as it being sold, transferred, or declared off the road (SORN), will recieve a VED refund automatically.  There’s more information on the DVLA website at

Dave Bickers, 1930-2014

Dave Bickers

July 2014

We’re sad to have to report the death of Dave Bickers on Sunday 6th July.  Dave was probably the best-known motor cyclist of his era thanks the televisation of the sport he excelled at: Moto Cross (or Scrambles as we used to call it in those days).  Dave also made a name for himself in show business circles, providing ‘action vehicles’ for any films including, for example, the Indiana Jones films.  In contrast to these ‘exalted circles’ Dave was often and local motor cycle events and was a regular rider on EACC



July 2014

Application for an Age Related Mark (V3) Scheme in Northern Ireland

The V3 scheme has, along with all the services and processes currently provided by DVA NI, been reviewed by DVLA as part of the NI/GB merger.  As a result, they intend to introduce the following changes:

The requirement for an historic NI import with a foreign logbook to be supported by the Association of Old Vehicle Clubs (AOVC) ends when DVA

From 21st July, NI imports with a foreign logbook will be processed in GB without the V3 form.  Vehicles manufactured in 1975 or before will be allocated an older style NI vehicle registration mark (VRM).

From 21st July NI imports with a dating certificate (vehicle manufactured in 1975 or before) will be allocated an older style NI vehicle registration mark.  All older style VRMs will be issued on a non-transferable basis.

Vehicles manufactured in and after 1976 will be allocated a current NI vehicle registration mark

Historic vehicles with no documentation will be allocated a QNI vehicle registration mark.  The V3 application form will be removed from general circulation as soon as possible.  DVA will continue to accept and where possible, process V3 applications up until 17 July.  After this date any application to register a historic vehicle, imported into NI supported by a foreign logbook should be sent to:
SA99 1BE
The V3 will not be required.


June 2014

The DVA in Northern Ireland is due to close in July, with its work being transferred to DVLA Swansea.  Until now the procedure for V765 applications in Northern Ireland has been somewhat different from in the rest of the UK.  Furthermore, Northern Ireland doesn’t issue any ‘age-related’ registrations.  So, will this change when DVLA takes over?  No one seems to know...

Historic Tax

April 2014

From 1st April, vehicles built before 1st January 1974 qualify for the zero-rated Historic Vehicle tax ... but ...

The Historic tax rate won’t be applied automatically to the newly qualified vehicles; you’ll have to apply for it.  You don’t have to wait until the current tax disc expires.  On the ‘changes’ section of the V5c put the tax class as ‘Historic Vehicle’, then sign & date it.  Fill in a V10 to apply for a new tax disc and take it all to a Motor Tax Post Office, along with the current MoT.  The Post Office will give you a new tax disc, retaining the V5c, which they’ll send on to DVLA.  The remaining duty on the unexpired old tax disc can be reclaimed using form V14.

Budget 2014

March 2014

As expected, a rolling 40-year Historic VED was part of this year’s budget.  Another item that was expected was the legislation needed to abolish tax discs.  Perhaps less welcome for classic vehocle owners is that there will be a financial incentive for increasing the methanol in fuel from April next year.  Here’s the small print from the Budget document:

2.151 Fuel duty incentives for methanol—
From April 2015, the government will apply a reduced rate of fuel duty to methanol.  The rate will be set at 9.32 pence per litre.  The size of the duty differential between the main rate and methanol will be maintained until March 2024.  The government will review the impact of this incentive alongside the duty incentives for road fuel gases at Budget 2018.  (Finance Bill 2015)

2.152 Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rates and bands—
VED rates for cars, motorcycles and the main rates for vans will increase by RPI from 1 April 2014.  (Finance Bill 2014)

2.153 VED: classic vehicle exemption –
The government will introduce a rolling 40 year VED exemption for classic vehicles from 1 April 2014.  (Finance Bill 2014 and future Finance Bills) (39)

2.154 VED administrative simplification—
As announced at Autumn Statement 2013, the government will introduce legislation to reduce tax administration costs and burdens by making the following changes with effect from 1 October 2014:
— motorists will be able to pay their VED by direct debit annually, biannually or monthly, should they wish to do so. A 5% surcharge will apply to biannual and monthly payments (Finance Bill 2014) (c)
— a paper tax disc will no longer be issued and required to be displayed on a vehicle windscreen (Finance Bill 2014)

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