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Capitano 2-speed road test 1960-08

Capitano 2-speed road test 1960-11.30

Capitano 2-speed road test 1964-04

Capitano 3-speed road test 1961-04-26

Capitano 3-speed road test 1961-04

Capitano 3-speed road test 1961-07-28

Capitano advert 1967-05-26

Capitano Automatic road test 1964-08

Capitano Gran Prix advert 1963-01-30

Capitano Gran Prix leaflet 1964-03

Capitano Gran Prix road test 1962-11

Capitano Gran Prix road test 1963-01-30

Capitano Gran Prix road test 1963-04-11

Capitano handbook 1960

Capitano leaflet c1967

Capitano Mini-truck adverts 1965

Capitano Mini-truck advert 1965-04

Capitano Mini-truck cutting 1965-06-11

Capitano Mini-truck road test 1965-04

Capitano parts manual 1961

Capitano parts manual 1961b

Capitano parts manual 1965

Capitano Scooterette road test 1965-05

Capitano service sheet 1967-09-29

Cob adverts 1966

Cob article 1966-04-29

Company history 1957-01-05

Cycles and mopeds advert 1964-11-06

Cycles and mopeds advert 1966-11-11

Cycles and mopeds article 1964-10-30

Cycles leaflet

Earls Court Show cuttings 1964-11-13

ELRCo adverts 1906

Pony cutting 1967-06-09

Weekend Cross cutting 1964-12

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